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Audi B9 RS5 Sportback: ABT, H&R, & Hamann Performance Modifications


It was only a matter of time until Audi graced the USA with the B9 RS5 Sportback. For a number of years the 4 door coupe variants have been available in Germany and the rest of the world. With the release of the B9 platform Audi finally wised up, stopped teasing all of us, and brought the Sportback variant stateside. Equipped with a 2.9L TT V6 from the factory, the addition of turbochargers over the outgoing V8 model demolishes the barrier to entry for modifications, 503 HP & 501 lb-ft of torque is easily achieved with the addition of the ABT Power Upgrade, more on this below.

After purchasing one of the first B9 RS5’s to come stateside, our client came to us with a commonly seen theme among enthusiasts; wanting a zero compromise power increase, improved handling, and a desire to personalize the car visually. This is our bread and butter, the last thing that any owner wants is a compromise in any area when modifying their car. The days of tradeoffs are long gone. This mentality is the main driver behind our partnerships with many of our vendors including the three featured here, ABT America, H&R, & Hamann Wheels.

This particular B9 RS5 Sportback features a killer combination; ABT Power Module, H&R VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs, & 21″ Hamann Anniversary EVO Wheels.

The ABT Power Upgrade takes the B9 RS5 from 444HP / 443 lb-ft all the way to 503 HP & 501 lb-ft, a significant increase! All while keeping every factory engine management safety system in place as well as delivering a factory like driving experience. ABT is the leader in the industry for performance Audi tuning, with decades of experience from DTM racing as well as road car performance tuning.

The ABT Power Upgrade features an entirely separate ABT Engine Control Unit and wiring harness which runs in conjunction to the factory ECU. The Power Upgrade also features an additional heat exchanger. Using an additional ECU instead of a software tune mean this modification is fully reversible making the ABT Power Upgrade the perfect modification for any leased vehicles! The ABT Power Upgrade is also adaptable, meaning you can take advantage of 100 octane or higher fuel when you want to run on the track or in the canyons and really impress your friends.

In addition to the added power, our client wanted to improve the aesthetics and personalize his RS5 Sportback, no better way to do this than to go low and equip a unique set of wheels. The H&R VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs fully retain the use of the factory Dynamic Ride Control shocks and allowing for up to 1.2″ of suspension drop for great looks and improved handling.

Finally rounding out the modifications is a beautiful set of 21″ Hamann Anniversary EVO Wheels. The first set in the USA, shipped straight from Hamann HQ in Germany, these wheels are stunning and perfectly compliment the RS5’s already incredible visual design language. Pairing perfectly with the wheels are a set of super sticky yet long lasting Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

If you want to transform your RS5 or other Audi with zero compromise please contact one of our modification specialists at 602 814 6543 or [email protected] and we will help you execute your vision. Parts Score offers a wide variety of modifications from ABT America, H&R, Hamann, as well as many other top tier manufactures for all Audi models. We look forward to hearing from you!