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2017 BMW M2 : Track Day Prep and Dinan Exhaust

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2017 BMW M2 in for some track day upgrades! A set of Pagid Racing RSL29 Race Brake Pads, Stainless Steel ECS Tuning Brake Lines, and Dinan Free Flow Stainless Exhaust with Black Tips and Dinan Resonator Delete. Already a rocketship out of the box, these modifications add serious stopping power as well as a refined throaty sound to the M2. …

BMW E46 M3: S54 Rod Bearings & Active Autowerke Equal Length Headers

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After over 200k on the odometer the S54 in this E46 M3 bit the dust and spun rod bearing. Instead of repairing the spun bearing we were able to source a newer S54 to replace the original motor. And so the same thing didnt happen again we bulletproofed the newer engine with a set of VAC Performance Coated Rod Bearings …

Audi B8 S4: GIAC & AWE Tuning Stage 2 Pulley Kit + Touring Exhaust

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Brilliant Red Manual B8 Audi S4 in for the full AWE Tuning exhaust & GIAC Stage 2 software treatment. Through the use of a smaller pulley, the AWE Tuning kit spins the Eaton Supercharger faster than stock, thus creating more boost pressure. To take advantage of the additional boost, GIAC Stage 2 software is installed on the S4.  Both the pulley …