MK6 GTI Power Pack

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Through extensive testing at an undisclosed location, Parts Score's Skunkworks has developed a tuning package for the MK6 GTI, offering the best bang for your buck all around performance increase. The VW Mk6 GTI, is a true blooded enthusiasts car, sharing many of the characteristics of the original GTI's they have been refined over 6 generations.We chose H&R Sport springs to improve the ...
2012 Audi B8 A4 quattro Manual APR Stage 2 Carbonio Intake Billy Boat Down Test Pipe Parts Score Scottsdale

2012 Audi B8 A4 quattro Manual: Stage Two 2.0T

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Even though Audi produces more A4’s than any other model, a very small percentage are made in the 2.0T quattro manual configuration. This setup is ideal for drivers inspired by performance modifications and handling. The 2.0L Turbo has the modding possibilities and headroom for impressive power gains. The storied all-wheel drive system, known as quattro, has vaulted Audi into the ...