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2018 VW Golf R: BBS SR 19″ Wheels, H&R Sport Lowering Springs

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Cars are one of the most visible extensions of our personalities and the customization possibilities are endless, Connor is starting things off right on his brand new 113 mile MK7.5 VW Golf R with a set of BBS SR Wheels and H&R Sport Lowering Springs. The BBS SR028 is part of the newer Design Line of wheels from BBS. These …

E39 M5 : ESS Tuning Supercharger

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Another ESS Tuning Supercharger project completed! This E39 M5 VT1-560 Supercharger System went on our client Mike’s beautiful M5 and is the icing on the cake to one of the craziest builds we have ever done! Anyone that meets or talks with Mike knows about his obsession with perfection regarding his cars. Every inch of the M5 is spotless, every hose clamp …