Audi B8 S4: GIAC & AWE Tuning Stage 2 Pulley Kit + Touring Exhaust

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Brilliant Red Manual B8 Audi S4 in for the full AWE Tuning exhaust & GIAC Stage 2 software treatment. Through the use of a smaller pulley, the AWE Tuning kit spins the Eaton Supercharger faster than stock, thus creating more boost pressure. To take advantage of the additional boost, GIAC Stage 2 software is installed on the S4.  Both the pulley …

AWE Tuning B8.5 Stage 2 Performance Pulley Kit

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Recently we had a customer come to us with his Audi S4, like most enthusiasts he felt that there was horsepower being left on the table with his B8.5's 3.0L supercharged V6. Because of our close relationship with GIAC Performance Software, we were able to recommend their new collaboration kit with AWE Tuning. AWE TUNING B8.5 STAGE 2 PERFORMANCE PULLEY KIT ...
2014 Audi B8 Allroad H&R Coilovers Vossen Wheels AWE Exhaust Parts Score

2014 Audi B8 Allroad: Stanced & Enhanced

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A brand new 2014 Audi Allroad arrived on our doorstep the other day with only 300 miles on the clock. You can just imagine our excitement! Our customer wanted to have H&R coilovers, AWE Cat Back Exhaust and Extra Wide 20” Vossen Wheels installed all complemented by a variety of lighting and convenience coding modifications. All of the performance upgrades we ...