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GIAC Dual Pulley & Software Available for all 3.0T Supercharged B8 / B8.5Audi S4’s

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The long wait has finally come to an end and the Dual Pulley Software is available from GIAC for all 3.0T Supercharged V6 Audi’s. Already a leader in the European Performance industry this new Dual Pulley addition to the current lineup of software for the B8 & B8.5 S4’s will propel the cars to the next level of performance! The …

GIAC flashes are out for all 2016 Audi and VW models, the wait is over!

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The long wait is over, GIAC has spent months developing and perfecting flash tunes for all of the 2016 Audi and VW platforms. As of today we can now flash all 2016 Audi and VW cars, if you have been previously unable to have us flash your 2016 car, please contact us for special pricing and free installation on any …