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Project Parts Score Audi B9 S4 : H&R Coilovers

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We begin the story of the Project Parts Score Audi B9 S4 with a set of H&R Coilovers. We are very proud to have been working directly with H&R Suspension to get these coilovers out and installed on the first wave of Audi’s new flagship sedan and coupes. In this article you will find the documentation covering our installation of …

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Audi B9 S4 : Let The Modifications Begin

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As the Southwest’s Premiere Audi Performance Shop we are very excited to work with our clients who are already taking delivery of the new B9 S4’s. Over the past months we have been working directly with the top performance part manufacturers to ensure parts are ready as the B9’s arrive here in Arizona. To kick things off today we have in …

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GIAC Dual Pulley & Software Available for all 3.0T Supercharged B8 / B8.5Audi S4’s

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The long wait has finally come to an end and the Dual Pulley Software is available from GIAC for all 3.0T Supercharged V6 Audi’s. Already a leader in the European Performance industry this new Dual Pulley addition to the current lineup of software for the B8 & B8.5 S4’s will propel the cars to the next level of performance! The …

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2017 Audi RS7 Performance: 710HP GIAC Tune

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Just another day in paradise with this beautiful Audi Exclusive Ascari Blue 2017 Audi RS7 Performance in the shop today. This stunning Audi RS7 came to us for a GIAC Flash Tune which increases the power from 605 to 710 horsepower! As if the RS7 wasn’t already fast enough, this simple modification takes it to the stratosphere in terms of …

B8 S4 SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms & Hawk Brakes

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When lowering any B8/B8.5 S4 significantly with Coilovers the suspension geometry in relation to Camber and Caster is typically pushed past the specifications that Audi has called for. This can lead to premature tire wear and also can negatively effect the handling of a vehicle when in a performance environment such as the racetrack or canyon road. The best solution …

Twin Turbo Audi R8 Performance Coilover Upgrade

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The Audi R8, flagship sports car of the Audi lineup leads the brand in both technology and performance. Since 2006 Audi has sold over 7,000 R8’s in the US market alone. Both a proven road car and race car the Audi R8 is perfect except for one thing, EDC Shock failures. These shock failures have plagued the R8’s for years and …

Arizona’s Premiere HPA Motorsports Dealer

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Parts Score is proud to announce that we are now Arizona’s premiere HPA Motorsports dealer! With over 25 years in the business HPA is one of the worlds top European tuners and offers a performance solution for every Audi and VW platform, from cold air intakes all the way to VR6 Golf R32 Twin Turbo kits and everything inbetween. Contact …

Rotiform RSE Wheels In Stock!

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The long wait is over, we have Rotiform RSE Wheels in stock! The RSE is Rotiforms newest wheel design and harks back to the classic BBS wheels of the 80’s. The RSE is offered in both Single Piece Cast and 3 Piece Forged. Single piece wheels are offered in 17×8, 17×9, 18×8.5, 18×9.5, 19×8.5, 19×10, 20×8.5 and 20×10, while 3 Piece …

Project Audi S3 : The Ultimate Combination Of Show And Track

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The story of the Project Audi S3 begins with Brian Mccauley, a 12 year Audi Brand Specialist at Audi North Scottsdale. Since the 90’s Brian has been a part of the European car scene and has had cars such as the Ipanema Brown Metallic Bagged MK3 VW Cabriolet build by Parts Score, the 2005 widebody 8P Audi A3 SEMA show car, …

2016 Audi S3 : CTS Turbo Downpipe, Emmanuele Design & ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Upgrades!

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Round one wasn’t enough for our customer Bertie and his 2016 Audi S3 so he is back for more! You can read through what we did previously here: For round two our customer went with a CTS Turbo Downpipe, an Emmanuele Design Rear Diffuser, and ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps with Audi Side Assist integration. The addition of the CTS Turbo …