Mercedes AMG GT S – Pure Turbo & RennTech Upgrades

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The AMG GT S is the perfect example of how one major design element, a long dash-to-axle ratio, can have such an impact on a vehicle overall. Dash-to-axle ratio is typically defined as the measurement between the centerline of the vehicle’s front axle and the dashboard of a vehicle. With most vehicles these days being front-engined front-wheel-drive the industry has seen this ratio getting shorter and shorter. Mercedes has gone completely the other way and given the AMG GT S a dash-to-axle ratio long enough to cram an entire 4.0L TT V8. This puts the GT S squarely in the category of many other front mid-engined rear-wheel-drive sports cars rather than lumped in with all of the other 4.0L TT V8 equipped AMG’s that come out of the Affalterbach factory. In addition this gives the AMG GT S a totally unique driving experience where you are practically sitting on the rear transaxle! A modern callback to the Silver Arrows Gran Prix cars from the pre-war era.

While our client’s CCB equipped AMG GT S offers great performance from the factory, at Parts Score we always know there is more safe and reliable performance left on the table. After working out a detailed plan with our client, for this GT S build we went with the following components:

  • Pure 800 M177/M178 Upgraded Turbochargers
    • Featuring custom billet compressor wheels
    • Extensive turbine modifications
    • Custom PURE internals
  • RennTech Ceramic Coated High Flow Two Piece Full Catted Downpipes
  • DME Stage 2 Tuning
  • RennTech Coilovers
    • Allows for up to 1.5″ of suspension adjustment and lowering at each corner
  • Variant Wheels

Starting with the addition of power, our client wanted to go straight to larger turbochargers. PURE Turbos makes this process straight forward with their set of PURE 800 Turbos. This turbocharger upgrade takes advantage of the already great flow characteristics of the factory turbos and improves upon them with the addition of significantly larger custom billet compressor wheels, extensive turbine modifications, and custom internals. In addition each set of turbochargers are VSR balanced. This combined with the ceramic coated high flow full catted downpipes from RennTech and tuning from DME bring the power up in the GT S to nearly 800 HP & more than 800 TQ on race fuel. Truly ludicrous numbers.

When you add this much power to a vehicle, even one such as a GT S, there are other things to consider. Suspension and braking are two areas of performance that, if possible, should receive some attention. Being equipped with factory CCB’s this AMG needed nothing extra braking wise. Suspension modifications were taken care of with the addition of a set of RennTech Coilovers. These coilovers serve a dual purpose of giving the GT S a much more aggressive stance as well as improving handling performance.

Looks and performance, this GT S has it all. PURE Turbos & RennTech have a wide range of performance products for many AMG vehicles. If you are craving more power in your AMG and would like any combination of these or the other components available please contact one of our modification specialists today at 602 814 6543 or