Lamborghini Huracan – Novitec H.A.S. Kit, Brixton Forged Wheels, VF Engineering Tune, & More

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Unmistakably Lamborghini, the Huracan blends stunning Italian design with incredible German engineering and stands out in a crowded sea of forced induction supercars. With 640HP on tap from the 5.2L V10 the Huracan’s instant naturally aspirated response and visceral sound is like no other. The V10 screaming towards its 8500RPM redline provides an overall experience that cannot be replicated with any other supercar currently on the market.

From the factory the Lamborghini Huracan is equipped with looks that could kill and stunning performance, but as you know the aftermarket can always enhance what is already present. Our client came to us with his Huracan wanting a combination of visual and performance upgrades, ultimately deciding with the help of our modification specialists on the following:

  • Novitec Height Adjustable Spring (H.A.S.) Kit – Made by KW
  • Brixton Forged HS1 Duo Series 2 Piece Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.
  • VF Engineering Performance ECU Tune
  • 1016 Industries Carbon Fiber Hood
  • BMC F1 Performance Air Filters

The Novitec Height Adjustable Spring (H.A.S.) Kit was installed first and provides a number of improvements over the stock springs. Up to 32mm of height adjustability is available from the Novitec H.A.S. kit. This allows us to setup the suspension exactly how our client wants and dial in the perfect fitment on the Brixton Forged HS1 Duo Series 2 Piece wheels. In addition to lowering the already low center of gravity and increasing handling performance the Novitec H.A.S. Kit fully retains the use of the factory hydraulic lift system and provides a nearly stock ride quality. In addition the Novitec H.A.S. kit was designed in partner with and is produced exclusively by none other than KW Suspension, the industry leader in design, performance, and quality.

Once the suspension was installed on the Huracan we could then fit the Brixton Forged HS1 Duo Series 2 Piece wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Parts Score has partnered with Brixton Forged and offers their wheels for all supercar applications. These particular HS1 Duo Series wheels feature a 2 piece design with a super light mono-center profile. Endless customization can be achieved to fit your exact desired look and performance attributes. These particular wheels are also available in a 1 piece Monoblock design, and two variations of 3 piece designs.

Rounding out the cosmetic upgrades we also installed a lightweight carbon fiber hood from 1016 Industries. “Simplify and add lightness”, a famous quote from Colin Chapman still applies even with 640HP on tap, anything that can be done to add lightness will improve a vehicles power-to-weight ratio and ultimately make it faster and handle better. The same applies here with addition of the carbon fiber hood from 1016 industries.

And finally the last of the modifications for this trip is a VF Engineering ECU Performance Tune. This port flashed tune, in addition to improving throttle response also adds up to 50HP & 30TQ, all while retaining stock like drivability. Paired with the VF Engineering tune are a set of BMC F1 Performance Air Filters. These drop in air filters provide a 40% increase in airflow compared to the stock Lamborghini filters.

If you are interested in adding any visual, performance, or other upgrades to your Lamborghini please contact one of our modification specialists today at 602 814 6543 or email us at


If staying naturally aspirated isn’t enough and you want to accelerate faster than an F35 Fighter Jet at full afterburner down a runway; Parts Score offers a full suite of forced induction options for your Huracan (Or its cousin, the Audi R8). Both Superchargers and Turbocharger upgrades are available; starting at 825HP with an ESS Tuning V10 TS-825 Supercharger System and going upwards of 1500HP with custom turbocharger kit and full engine builds. If this is a step you want to take, then stop by or contact us today.