Forged, Flow Form, or Cast; Which BBS Wheels Are Right For You?

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With all of the varying wheel options from BBS it is easy to get lost when trying to decide on your next set, with variables such as: cast, flow form, forged, single piece, two piece, three piece and width, offset, diameter, finish, center bore it can all be overwhelming! At Parts Score we can help you wade through the murky waters and assist with selecting your next set of wheels.

This article will be the first in a set which will go into more details about all things BBS Wheels. Today we will be focusing on the three main different types of wheel manufacturing methods that BBS uses to produce their wheels. Parts Score is Arizona’s number one BBS Wheel distributor and is your source for all things BBS. For more information please contact one of our Modification Specialists at or 602 814 6543 (M-F, 9-5 PST)

All BBS’ and most other performance aftermarket wheels fall into one of three categories; Cast, Flow Form, or Forged. Within the Forged category you have additional options such as 1 Piece, 2 Piece, and 3 Piece wheels. In this article below we will touch briefly on all three kinds of wheel options.

Forged Wheels

The ultimate in technology, refinement, performance, and lightweight; the BBS Forged Line of wheels all start from a solid billet block of aluminium or magnesium and are then forged into shape with special dies with millions of pounds pressure. This extreme pressure creates an incredibly dense and strong structure which ultimately allows less material to be used resulting in a lighter weight wheel. BBS has spent decades refining their forging process to deliver the best forged wheel available on the market. Popular wheel options in the Forged Line are available for most BMW, Audi, Porsche, VW, Lamborghini, Ferrari and other models. In addition BBS is one of a incredibly small set of wheel manufactures who offer aftermarket performance Center Lock wheels. Some of the forged line wheels are the FIR, RG-F, FI, RS-GT, LM, LM-R, RF, and RI-S.

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Shown here is an Audi R8 V10+ with BBS FIR Lightweight Forged Wheels. In addition this R8 is lowered on a KW H.A.S. Kit.

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Shown here are two examples of a LM Forged 2 Piece Wheel on a BMW F82 M4 & E46 M3.

Flow Form Wheels

The next wheel manufacturing method that we will discuss is from the Performance Line of wheels. These wheels are commonly referred to as Flow Form. BBS was one of the first manufactures to debut this technology and has been on the leading edge of development ever since. This process involves using three large hydraulic rollers combined with high pressures and temperatures to form the rim of the wheel. This process when compared to a traditional casting delivers a much better strength to weight ratio, ultimately delivering an incredibly strong and durable product at a price considerably lower than that of a forged wheel. Flow Form wheels are available for nearly all European makes in a large number of widths and sizes.

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This Frozen Blue F10 M5 is sitting on Flow Form CIR’s wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires. The ultimate combination!

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Multi Piece wheels are offered in the Flow Form lineup. This CHR-II is one of the best looking wheels that we have equipped on a new B9 S4. In addition this S4 is lowered on H&R Coilovers.

To learn more about the BBS CHR-II Wheels and this B9 S4 click here to read a more in depth article.

Cast Wheels

The Design Line of wheels from BBS are the easiest, and least expensive, way to get a great looking performance wheel for your German car. Cast wheels are produced using one of two casting methods; gravity and low pressure casting. All BBS Design Line wheels are produced using the more advanced low pressure casting method. With a gravity casting the molten aluminum is poured into the wheel molds and as the name states the method uses the earths gravity to pull the metal down into the molds. This is the least expensive method but can lead to higher weight and lower strength wheels. The more advanced method that BBS chooses to use employs a low positive pressure to force the aluminium into the molds thus delivering the best quality wheel at a low price. Design Line wheels are available for most German vehicles.

This 2018 VW Golf R is the perfect platform for a set of BBS SR Design Line Wheels. Incredible looks at a low price!

To learn more about the BBS SR’s on this VW Golf R, click here to read a more in depth article about this build.

We hope this article has been helpful in deciphering the differences between the various types of wheels offered from BBS. If you are interested in a set of wheels for your European Car please contact one of our modification Specialists at or 602 814 6543 (M-F 9-5 PST)